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Mitsubishi Sludge Buster: ACE Series

General Description

MKK has developed the Mitsubishi Sludge Buster next-generation oil purifier to meet recent changes in the operating conditions for ships at sea which include the use of smaller crews and the imposition of more stringent controls on sludge disposal to protect the ocean environment. Leveraging the company's wealth of experience and technology accumulated over the long years of manufacturing oil purifiers, unlike the SJ series or filter-type purifiers the Mitsubishi Sludge Buster is a horizontal type disc centrifugal separator. Capable of continuous operation without adjustment, the Sludge Buster greatly facilitates oil purification and sludge disposal. Unlike the conventional SJ series it needs no sludge tank because it uses neither seal water nor replacement water. It is maintenance-free and requires no major onboard overhauls.


Buster / ACE / Centrifugal separator / Horizontal centrifugal separator



Model ACE12V ACE16V
Throughout (L/hr) 600 1,000
Rotational speed (rpm) 6,400 6,000
Centrifugal force (G) 2,300 2,000
No. of disc stacks 1 2
Drive Belt
Motor output (kW) 2.2 / 2pole
Dimensions: L x W x H (mm) 1,150 x 370 x 570 1,240 x 370 x 570
Weight (kg) 180 200

Main Applications

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