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Hydrogen Station

General Description

Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha (MKK) is playing a leading role in the dawn of the fuel cell powered vehicle era with its hydrogen generation technology developed over many years.

Hydrogen is an exceptionally clean energy source. Hydrogen filling stations are an essential part of the infrastructure needed for fuel cell vehicles which run on hydrogen. And the number of hydrogen filling stations required will increase as fuel cell vehicle development progresses.

MKK has already started to supply a complete engineering package of hydrogen filling station comprising a reliable and high performance steam-reforming hydrogen generator with a pendant equipments like a compressor, high pressure storage, dispenser and other equipments.


Hydrogen filling station / HPU (hydrogen production unit) / Hydrogen generator / On-site hydrogen generator


  1. MKK hydrogen generators offer high levels of reliability, as proven by a well-established track record.
  2. The plant generates hydrogen with a purity in excess of 99.99 vol%.
  3. An operation sequencer responds to load change automatically.
  4. An energy-saving system fitted with a regenerative burner in the reforming furnace ensures low-cost hydrogen generation.
  5. The generator is modularized by adopting skid-mounted configuration and can be installed quickly.

Process Flow

Process Flow


Natural gas (13A City Gas, 45MJ/Nm3), LPG (butane, propane)
50 Nm3/hr – 300 Nm3/hr
Hydrogen purity:
99.99 vol%
Delivery pressure:
35 MPaG, 70 MPaG

Toho Gas Co., Ltd. Technical Research Institution Hydrogen Station, Tokai City & Senju Hydrogen Station operated by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. , Tokyo
Yokohama-Asahi Hydrogen Station operated by by Nippon Oil Corporation, Yokohama
Hadano Hydrogen Station operated by Idemitsu kosan Co., Ltd., Hadano City
Yonsei University Hydrogen Station operated by GS Caltex Corporation, Seoul & Haneda Hydrogen Station operated by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Tokyo

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