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productsHyGeia : Small-Scale On-Site Hydrogen Generator

HyGeia : Small-Scale On-Site Hydrogen Generator

General Description

The HyGeia Series hydrogen generator is targeted at semiconductor, optical fiber, quartz glass, fats and oils production as well as metal heat treatment industries with an hourly consumption of between 50 and 200 Nm3. Installed on-site it can supply high-purity hydrogen (upwards of 99.999 vol%) using City Gas and LPG as a feedstock.


Small-scale on-site hydrogen generator / on-site hydrogen generator / compact hydrogen generator/ HPU (hydrogen production unit) / SHP (small hydrogen plant) / HyGeia


  1. Uses 20 percent less feedstock and needs only half footprint for the installation comparing to the conventional plants.
  2. Easily capable of generating high-purity hydrogen more than 99.999 vol% from City Gas or LPG.

Process Flow

Process Flow


Generating capacity:
50 Nm3/hr, 100 Nm3/hr, 200 Nm3/hr
Hydrogen purity:
99.999 vol%
Delivery pressure:
0.7 MPaG (max.)
Load control range:
30% to 100% (idling operation is available as an optional extra)
City Gas (Natural Gas )or LPG
Installation footprint:
Approx. 9 m2
(for 50 Nm3/hr generator. This includes feedstock compressor and off-gas holder)

Main Applications

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