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View of Mitsubishi screen on the surface

General Description

Screen Equipment is an essential equipment because thermal and nuclear power stations located by the sea or the river use huge amounts of seawater or river water as cooling water.
Mitsubishi screen equipment is used to remove seaweed, fish, jellyfish, rubbish and other refuse from the water.
MKK keeps trying to realize more reliable and responsible equipment for the needs of users throughout the world.


Water Intake Screen / Bar screen with trash rake / Automated screen / Rotary screen / Travelling screen / Travelling band screen


◆Travelling screen
This type of screen is important equipment which arrests and removes smaller debris to protect downstream equipment from being clogging. Travelling screen is better to remove debris, like as jellyfish, from water intake pit area than Bar screen with trash rake in the upper flow. Travelling screens are mainly classified into two types, Straight Through type and Dual Flow type.

《Straight Through Type》

《Dual Flow Type》

The overall water intake screening system

The overall water intake screening system consists of Stop logs, Bar screen with trash rake, Travelling screen, Screen wash pump, and Water level sensors.

Overall water intake screening system

Main Applications

Mitsubishi screen equipment are used on the water intake in the following places,

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