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Mitsubishi Selfjector: SJ-H Series

General Description

Mitsubishi Selfjectors (oil purifiers) are the best selling centrifugal disc type separators, which are backed by a history of over seventy years and sales of over 90,000 units to date.
Mitsubishi Selfjector Hercules (SJ-H) Series, the latest version of its series, is compact and yet offers improved fine particulate removal and higher output, thanks to Mitsubishi's years of expertise.
With its outstanding reliability and purification performance, the Mitsubishi Selfjector Hercules (SJ-H) Series is ideal for purifying not only fuel oils and lubrication oils for vessels, but also mineral oils that are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications.

*Preceding model, SJ-G Series models are still on sale. For its features and details, please click here

Mitsubishi Selfjector: SJ-G Series 


Selfjector / SJ / Oil purifier / Purifier / Disc type centrifuge separator


Note 1: Purifying system for low-grade fuel oils with densities up to 1.01 @15°C. As opposed to the conventional method of directly measuring the water content of purified oil, the H-HIDENS purifier is capable of detecting water in the oil accumulated in the purifier bowl, thereby preventing water from mixing in with purified oil.


Standard model (H)


Optional equipment

HIDENS model (HH)


Optional equipment

SUPER HIDENS (optional)

Like the H-HIDENS system, the SUPER HIDENS system can process high-gravity oils without having to replace the gravity disc. The pressure-sensor type water detection system uses an innovative automatic valve installed on top of the purifier that operates to discharge separated water in the rotating bowl, eliminating the need to operate main cylinder (valve).

H-HIDENS System Without Optional Equipment

Model   SJ15H SJ25H SJ35H SJ60H SJ85H SJ110H SJ160H SJ220H
Throughput L/H 1,400 2,100 3,900 5,900 8,300 11,000 16,000 22,500
Motor output kW 3.7 5.5 5.5 11.0 11.0 18.5 18.5 18.5

Note : Throughput is based on heavy fuel oil (IF380)/60 Hz.

H-HIDENS System With Optional Equipment

Model   SJ15HH SJ25HH SJ35HH SJ60HH SJ85HH SJ110HH SJ160HH SJ220HH
Throughput L/H 1,400 2,100 3,900 5,900 8,300 11,000 16,000 22,500
Motor output kW 5.5 7.5 7.5 11.0 15.0 18.5 18.5 22.0
Note : Throughput is based on heavy fuel oil (IF380)/60 Hz.

Main Applications

* Laboratory sample testing is available. Please contact MKK about uses other than those listed above.

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