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Mitsubishi Schneider Filter

General Description

The Mitsubishi Schneider Filter is a new type of pressurized filter comprising a stack of plates with each plate covered with filter paper or filter cloth. The slurry is fed into filtration chamber of each plate through inlet manifold and hose and then it is filtrated under the pressure given by the mechanical jack mounted on the top of filtering unit. The cake is formed on the surface of filter paper or filter cloth on each filter plate whilst the filtrated liquid is discharged through the hose and manifold of discharge side. Once the filtration cycle is completed the plate stack is opened and the cake is automatically removed.

Forming uniform cake, the horizontal plates allow precision filtering and the Mitsubishi Schneider Filter is used principally to recover clear filtrate. It can also be used for the recovery of the solids from low density slurry and also in the treatment of high viscosity liquids.

The Mitsubishi Schneider Filter is an innovative and labor-saving filter that realizes automatic replacement of the filter paper during filtration, formerly considered a very time consuming process, and as such it lends itself to full-scale factory automation.


Pressurized filter / Automatic filter paper replacing pressurized filter / SF


The Mitsubishi Schneider Filter offers the following features over conventional pressurized filters using filter paper.


Filtration area : 0.5 m2/plate , 1 m2/plate
Plates/stack : 1 – 25 plates/stack
Max. filtration area of 100m2 per one system by using 4 stacks.
Throughput : 10 - 200 L/m2/min (depending on the properties of the feed liquid)
Filtration performance : 0.2 - 30 μm (depending on filter paper, cloth )
Filtration pressure : 0.4MPa  (option) 0.9MPa
Plate material : SS400, SUS304, SUS316, polypropylene, rubber lining plate.
Hose material : Synthetic rubber, Viton, Teflon, H-NBR
Plate heating :  Jacket type (area heated is the same as filter surface)

structural drawing

structural drawing

Various automatic filter paper changing methods


No. of filtration
plates per m2
Installation size
(L x W x H mm)
Power requirements
Pin type
5 4025 x 2200 x 2720 11.75 7
10 4532 x 2200 x 3320 11.75 9
15 4595 x 2200 x 4040 11.75 11
20 5102 x 2200 x 4766 11.75 13
 Roller type
5 4310 x 2200 x 2720 12.5 8
10 5060 x 2200 x 3020 12.5 10
Cut paper loading
& unloading device
5 4300 x 2200 x 3400 14.75 9
10 4300 x 2200 x 4980 14.75 11

Main Applications

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