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General Description

The Mitsubishi VOS*1 ballast water treatment system is the first of its kind to be certified as meeting the Regulation D-2 Ballast Water Performance Standard under the IMO*2 International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments.
VOS Systems are installed in many vessels ranging in size from general cargo vessels with a system throughput of 150 m3/hr to super tankers (VLCC) with a throughput of 6,800 m3/hr.
The main components of the system are widely used in the shipping industry and the system also serves to protect deterioration of ballast tank paint and reduce wear of sacrificial or galvanic anodes.

Note 1: Venturi Oxygen StrippingTM
Note 2: International Maritime Organization


Mitsubishi VOS system / Inert gas ballast water treatment system / Oxygen stripping ballast water treatment system / Venturi oxygen stripping system


VOS Type1000


Process Flow

Main Applications


Model Type250 Type500 Type1000 Type2000 Type3000 Type4000 Type6000
150-300 850 1,300 2,400 3,600 5,200 6,800
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