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Membrane Bioreactor Process

General Description

The MKK membrane bioreactor process uses a microfiltration membrane and offers an alternative to the final settling tank conventionally used to separate treated water and activated sludge in the purification of sewage and industrial wastewater. Membrane separation ensures clearer post-treatment water and more reliable separation than gravity sedimentation.


Hollow fiber membrane / Precision filtration / MF (Microfiltration)


  1. The Membrane Bioreactor Process requires no settlement tank or disinfecting equipment and produces thicker activated sludge in the reactor. This allows a smaller facility footprint compared with standard activated sludge process.
  2. Produces high treated water quality without the use of disinfectants.
  3. Can be used with existing waste water treatment plant to increase treatment capacity and to improve post-treatment water quality.
  4. Facilitates activated sludge management and allows operation and maintenance to be conducted on a patrol basis.

Process Flow

Process Flow


Nominal pore size :
0.4 µm
Max. filtration rate:
0.8 m3/m2・d

Main Applications

This product is for use only in Japan.

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