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De Hoxar Spiral Separator

General Description

The De Hoxar Spiral Separator is a novel, compact gravity settlement device comprising a spiral plate pack within a tall circular settlement tank. The plate pack rotates continuously in conformity with rising speed of wastewater and capture settling particles on the plate efficiently. Having a small footprint and low operating costs, the separator is used in sewage treatment plants, water purification plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants to settle and thicken sludge.

This equipment technology( w095/01215 ) is introduced from Southern Water Services in England under the license agreement.


Settlement device / Helical plate settlement tank / Spiral plate settlement tank / Spiral separator / Thickening device


Process Flow

Process Flow

Wastewater enters the separator via an inlet pipe to the feed well, then it flows downward once and goes up passing through plate pack. The plate pack separates the suspended particles and treated water is discharged into the overflow weir at the top of the tank. The plate pack is rotated at the adequate speed matching with the rising speed of wastewater passing through it. Thus the plate pack captures settling particles on the plate effectively in a higher speed than the conventional sedimentation process. The settled solids on the plate slides down easily toward the edge of each plate by its rotation and sank down through the annular space between the rotating plate pack and the tank wall onto the floor of the tank and is then discharged from the sludge outlet.


Model number SST-1.5 SST-2.5 SST-3.5 SST-5.0 SST-7.0 SST-10.0
Tank diameter (m) 1.5 2.5 3.5 5.0 7.0 10.0
Tank Height (m) 3.9 5.5 6.8 8.8 10.5 13.0
Throughput  (m3/day) 410 1,700 3,700 11,000 23,000 62,000
Surface loading (m3/m2/d) 230 350 390 560 600 790

*The above throughput shows the capacity when the spiral separator is used in the primary settlement tank.

Main Applications

This product is for use only in Japan.

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