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River Cleaning System

General Description

In this simple cleaning system, oxygen-deficient water from rivers and other waterways with low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels is taken in , and treated by dissolving the oxygen (95% purity) generated by a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) type oxygen generator under pressure until it reaches a supersaturated level, and then it is discharged from nozzles back into the waterway.

In DO-deficient water environments, discharging water containing high concentrations of dissolved oxygen and super-fine air bubbles creates a current in the water and makes it possible to deliver the enriched oxygen over a wide area.


River cleaning system / Lake and marsh cleaning system / Inner harbor cleaning system / Oxygen enrichment unit / Super-fine air bubbles


Super-fine air bubbles

Process Flow

Process Flow

Process Flow

Main Applications

This product is for use only in Japan.

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