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Biological Deodorization System

General Description

This deodorization system removes bad odors at sewage works using microorganism metabolic function. MKK's biological deodorizer tank is fully packed with a fibrous carrier which is fixed at the top while free at the bottom. The carrier hangs down leaving no gaps and therefore enables the stable and clog-free treatment of wastewater over long periods while responding to load fluctuations.


Deodorize / Biological deodorizing / Carrier-packed biological deodorization system / High concentration odors / Load fluctuations


  1. The hanging structure of the carrier means microorganisms are washed off moderately and are kept in a just right amount. This makes it ideal for large volume treatment because pressure losses are maintained at a low level over long periods of operation without pressure spikes or clogging and because the flow rate can be adjusted at higher level.
  2. Low running cost, because no chemical agents are used and just to drive deodorizing fan only.
  3. Having excellent durability and corrosion resistance and being light and strong, the carrier has a long working life.
  4. The loop structure of the carrier gives it a large surface area which supports a high population of microorganisms and maximizes contact efficiency. This allows stable deodorizing treatment even for high concentration odors and to respond to load fluctuations.
  5. The activated carbon adsorption process unit can be attached in the downstream for extra-higher deodorization in some particular case.

Process Flow

Process Flow


Examples of high concentration odor treatment (for reference purposes)

Substance Intake density (ppm) Outlet density (ppm)
Ammonia 0.1 0.1
Hydrogen sulfide 1,500 1.5
Methyl mercaptan 15 0.45
Methyl sulfide 0.18 0.03
Methyl disulfide 0.093 0.01

Main Applications

This product is for use only in Japan.

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