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SDGs Initiatives -Toward Solving the Challenges Faced by Society-

Mitsubishi Kakoki has engaged in the development and sale of clean energy and environment related products for many years. As a result of this work, we have been able to overlap many of our products with the SDGs targets. Therefore, we raised five main themes for the SDGs targets: [1] Clean energy technology enhancement, [2] Environmental impact reduction, [3] Sustainable business activities and production activities, [4] Next-generation development and work style reforms, and [5] Global business activity promotion. Under the following SDGs Initiative Policy, we undertake these activities throughout the entire Mitsubishi Kakoki Group.

SDGs Initiative Policy

[1] Contribute to the SDGs targets by linking the MKK corporate philosophy, business sectors, and Medium-Term Business Plan policies and measures to each of the SDGs, and steadily advance measures that connect to the growth of the MKK Group
[2] Create opportunities to educate and train each member of the MKK Group so that they understand the SDGs concept and can contribute to its spread and realization

Relationship Between the SDGs & Business

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