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ESG ManagementProcurement Policy

Adherence to Legal Requirements & Socially Accepted Norms

  • MKK conducts its procurement activities with utmost integrity, adhering to legal requirements and socially accepted norms and in conformity with the Mitsubishi Kakoki Group Code of Conduct and the Mitsubishi Kakoki Group Compliance Standard of Behavior drawn up by the company to form the backbone of its compliance program.
  • MKK prioritizes information about suppliers obtained through the procurement process as vital to the company’s interests and would never disclose such information without the supplier’s consent.

Fair & Transparent Transactions

  • MKK offers all existing and prospective suppliers a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the procurement bidding process.
  • At each purchasing bid, MKK elects to deal with the supplier it deems to offer the best deal in terms of quality, price competitiveness, certainty of delivery date, business stability and other factors.

Building Partnerships

  • MKK seeks to establish long-term partnerships based on a relationship of mutual trust and through which both the company and supplier can become more competitive and enjoy greater prosperity.

Environmental Concern

  • MKK endeavors to procure raw materials, parts and products which are safe and have a low environmental impact in its efforts to be a people- and environment-friendly company.
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