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MKK works systematically to minimize the environmental burden of its products and operations and improve the environment in line with its commitment and guidelines outlined below. These efforts have secured ISO 14001 Certification covering all the office, factory and project sites in Japan.

MKK Environmental Policy


Recognizing that environmental conservation is one of the most important issues facing mankind today, MKK is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the activities of its divisions, and to promoting the realization of an economic system capable of sustainable growth.


MKK recognizes that its corporate activities impact the environment through the consumption of energy and raw materials and the discharge of waste. As such, MKK strives to minimize that burden in the operations of its business, which involve the design, manufacture and installation of industrial, chemical and environmental plant and equipment. MKK endeavors to reduce environmental loads in the following ways:

  • Aware of the environmental impact of its activities, products and services, the company works to prevent environmental pollution and to improve its environmental management systems.
  • The company strictly observes applicable environmental protection laws, regulations and ordinances, as well as other agreed requirements pertaining to its business activities, products and services.
  • The company adopts the following main themes in its drive to reduce the impact of its activities, products and services:
    1. Saving of energy.
    2. Promoting the effective use of resources by reducing the amount of paper used and of waste discharged, and increasing recycling activities.
    3. Developing new low-burden products giving careful thought to their environmental impact at all stages from shipment to final disposal.
  • The company asks suppliers to give careful thought to their environmental impact of the raw materials, parts, products and services they deliver.
  • To achieve this policy, each division sets environmental control objectives and targets. These objectives and targets are periodically reassessed and revised as necessary.
  • The company keeps all employees and those at affiliated companies fully informed about its environmental guidelines, and also seeks the understanding and cooperation of its collaborating companies.
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