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Mitsubishi Vane Decanter Centrifuge (DZ)

General Description

The Mitsubishi Vane Decanter Centrifuge thickens surplus sludge using centrifugal force in a chemical-free process. Using MKK patented technology, it will also automatically adjust sludge density to the desired level. The MKK patented separator vane design realizes a high capacity, space- and energy-saving sludge dehydrator.


Separator disk / Thickening / Thickening control / Chemical-free / Super Pool


Adjusting the back-pressure valve, which is directly connected to the impeller pump inside the decanter, regulates the discharge volume of the separated effluent and thereby stabilizes the discharge of thickened sludge regardless of changes in feed slurry density.

structural drawing

structural drawing


Model Throughput Max. speed Max. G-force Motor output Dimensions (mm) Approx. weight
(m3/h) (rpm) (G) (kW) L W H (ton)
 DZ50K-V2 22 2,700 2,000 30 - 45 3,000 1,800 1,000 3.5
 DZ70K-V2 50 2,200 2,000 45 - 55 4,000 1,900 1,300 9.0

Main Applications

This product is for use only in Japan.

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