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To Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. and its group of companies (the MKK Group), the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means increasing enterprise value by maintaining and improving solid and favorable relations with all stakeholders by realizing the motto that MKK has steadfastly adhered to since its foundation: “Our mission is to provide high quality products and facilities created using sound technologies based on the principles of manufacturing excellence and through uncompromising quality control.”

MKK recognizes that the business activities of the MKK Group have an impact on the global environment and local communities and as such it conducts its activities along the lines of the following CSR approach: Strict observance of business ethics and full compliance with relevant laws and regulations; Increasing customer satisfaction; Environmental consideration; Ensuring safety; Disclosure of information; and contributing to society.

Corporate Governance

To the MKK Group, corporate governance means providing a structure within which its directors and management and all employees can effectively pursue company business in a fair and transparent manner to ensure appropriate managerial decision making, the execution of business in accordance with board of director decisions and oversight/ auditing by audit and supervisory committee utilizing of internal systems, including Internal Control Systems, Risk Management Systems, Code of Conduct and Compliance Standards of Behavior, in order to maintain a stronger relationship of trust with its shareholders and all other stakeholders.

The MKK Group recognizes its corporate social responsibility commitments and works to ensure strict legal compliance and adherence to corporate ethics in its business undertakings as it strives to earn greater trust and to pursue greater efficiency in its business activities.

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